Overlooked Car Services You Need

Preventative car maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run and extend the life of your car. Here are a few car services that you should consider having checked regularly. We recommend coming up with a maintenance schedule to ensure that your vehicle is checked regularly and consistently.

1. Transmission fluid 

Transmission fluid needs to be changed out every so often because it can get contaminated as your car starts to age. The transmission is a vital element of any car because it is the part that moves the power from the engine to the wheels. It is located near the front of the car and is typically mounted onto the chassis. They can differ depending on if the car is a manual or an automatic. You can also ask your automotive technician to check the transmission pan and filter to be cleaned if necessary. If there is any grinding noise when you change gears or if you notice a bright red fluid leaking from your car, then we recommend getting your vehicle to a car service expert as soon as possible.

2. Wheel alignment 

Having your wheels aligned properly may not be an issue you think to check regularly at a car service shop but bad or uneven wheel alignment can have a negative impact on your car. It can lead to fuel wastage and may cause your wheels to wear down unevenly. Having the wheels worn down can cause damage to them and you may end up having to change your tires, if they give up on you, while on the road. Very bad wheel alignment can affect the suspension of the car and may even put you at risk by causing an imbalance in the vehicle.

3. Brake fluid 

Having a working set of brakes is important to your safety. They are usually checked on an annual basis at a car service but in between these periods, you should get your technician to check on brake fluid levels to ensure that the brakes are running smoothly and as they should be. This will help in preventing failure and keep you safe on the roads.

4. Car battery 

The battery is important to any car. This is what keeps the electrical components running, such as the alternator. This is an electric generator that is charged when the engine is running. The battery of your vehicle may be affected due to extreme weather conditions, especially in extreme heat. Checking your battery regularly can help with identifying any corrosions, leaks or deterioration. If the battery and its connection are loose then the car will not start. If you notice any white powder around the area of the terminals then you will have to get a technician to clean them.

5. Motor mounts 

Mounts help to stabilize the engine while the car is running. These can become loose or even break as time passes. The rubber casings of the mounts are the most susceptible to wear and tear. Ensuring that the engine is held in place properly is vital and should be checked regularly.

Ensuring your safety on the road and prolonging the life of your car can be made easy if you are sure to not overlook the maintenance of these crucial car parts.


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